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08 August 2010 @ 10:18 pm
This journal used to be friends only, but now...

My journal used to be completely Friends Only before, but since lately I'm mainly just posting translations, pic spams etc, nowdays it's pretty much completely open.

If you want to follow my journal for translations or pics or whatever, feel free to do so. However I'm not active in LJ anymore so I don't write here much, nor do I really have time to translate anymore either. I only add people who I know from somewhere else because like said, don't really use LJ much anymore anyway.
10 October 2014 @ 09:29 pm
Too many feels from reading the new Snow Man interviews! *hugs a pillow* Guh, part of me wishes I had time to translate, but at the same time since I think all my friends are able to read Japanese on their own don't really feel much reason to spend time on translating since everyone can just read and then we talk XD; (Part of me feels as a mod I kinda should try translating but considering the million other ways I could use my time instead... I DID finally update the comm profile at least XD;) But really can we PLEASE have Snow Man in mags on regular basis ;__; All the private stuff talk was so wonderful to read... IwaFuka date (with JiguIwa inviting themselves along), AbeSaku fishing and survival games and Sakuma and Miyacchi Komiket, Date spa date with Kame and just ALL THE STUFF!!! *rolls* Also DateNabe and AbeSaku talking about each other, totally couples ♥ And then of course Josei Seven not really worksafe Snow Man shoot, or Snow Man (probably?) trolling at Disney Sea in suits on their full group date and wedding jokes and whatnot. We need a camera following these boys 24/7 I'm telling you. Doesn't help I've been marathon reading old Snow Man interviews whenever I take break from school stuff etc so was just reading Fukka talking all the time how there should be hidden camera in their dressing room etc... Tackey, still waiting for this u__u You can always use a Taki-chan icon to cover Nabe if he's walking around naked like I'm guessing he is.

But yeah, aside from Snow Man stuff... I'm writing two gradus now. Because I'm insane and one clearly isn't enough work. Let's see how this happens when my goal is to have then done by around halfway of April XD; Not sure if one needs to be earlier to have my minor studies registered because I can register whole thing, need to consult my professor once that one starts. Just felt like would be a waste not doing the minor one as well when I already have all other necessary for that and would look good in my papers. C'mon mags, give me Snow Man to keep me alive!

Aside from that I'm also trying to keep up with one hour of workout each day... Though since work starts from next week again will have to leave that out from those days (and probably just do a minimum 15min set or something once back home). Gradus are my priority now. At least I seem to have a LOT better idea of what I'm doing compared to most of my classmates so maybe that's a good thing XD;

Anyway, not sure if I'll be posting on LJ much. On twitter I try to keep saying every day to show I'm still alive at least ^^; I even made myself a new fic journal (back to livejournal since dreamwidth didn't really feel like my thing) to try and encourage myself to write again but although I have many ideas, let's see if any of them will even be written out...
09 September 2014 @ 01:20 pm
...okay so it's been almost 2 weeks since I came back but ended up being busy trying to clean my room completely and then ended up getting sick... Now I have 5 meds I need to take once or twice every day, and also use my neti pot twice XP; Yup, sinusitis *sigh* School is back on (seminar for my gradu) but work not yet so I have time getting rid of this thing, I just wish would be able to do more for my gradu already but luckily I have strong meds so already feeling better compared to yesterday.

I think after my last post I was still in Japan around 3~4 weeks. Went to see more Gamushara (last couple shows) and seems Johnny's gods were feeling generous because kept running into a lot of boys when shopping XD; Of course pretended not to notice them but still, nice to see the boys were having time off :) My final encounter was IwaFuka which I'm so grateful of, getting to see the two of them together one last time before leaving T__T Still wish I could have stayed long enough to see DREAM BOYS before leaving but alas, can't be too greedy... Plus my seminar started same day as DB so impossible XP; Will just have to do my best so can go back again. Vacation was pretty much running around. Shopping own stuff, shopping souvenirs, meeting friends before leaving etc. So I'm just posting some random pictures with little rant. Still too sick to do anything proper but if I leave it later again I think these will never get posted so just for a memo for myself or something XP

Inlcudes some little bits from last Gamushara Natsumatsuri shows + some Snow Man papa previews.

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Final month of school not surprisingly super busy ^^; So many presentations and essays to write... not that many exams compared to the other stuff but of course those too. And especially kanji exam required the most work XP; Luckily Snow Man power keeps me alive ♥

Mostly Snow Man related pics, along with moving stuff etcCollapse )
22 June 2014 @ 10:07 pm
...Haven't had the time to write in forever ><; Well, really no time to update now either but gonna try quickly XD; It's been 3 months already since I posted anything (minus mini kurie report) so need to sort stuff out for my exchange block so can write more important stuff there later for future exchange students XP;

This is mainly gonna be just Snow Man picture spam though ^^; I hurt my wrist yesterday packing stuff so typing doesn't exactly do much good...

Snow Man pic spamCollapse )

...But yeah basically I'm just really busy with school now but not really much to write about there ^^; Some classes I have exams every week, some every 3 weeks etc. Presentations, homework, reports... About one month of school left X3;

Wasn't really expecting to see much shows anymore, but ended up getting a ticket for Ocean's 11 because really want to see how Sanada, Yasui and Hagiya are doing, and also because I love Katori as an actor but have never seen him on stage. Aaaaand since IwaFuka appear on Sexy Natsu Matsuri, got ticket for Hamushara too though do not want to go to that theater XD; But I get to see Fukka again before I leave ♥ Also applied for Snow Man Takichan thing with couple friends but chances are... Still, thinking positive!!! (Keep thumps up for us? I promise to do a lot of translations and stuff later? XD;)
06 June 2014 @ 09:27 pm
Figured I'll never manage to make a proper report of this anyway so just gonna write down as many notes and at least overall from set list and parody while still fresh in memory XP; Definitely not all from MCs etc but at least for the most part!

Kurie show tidbits: set list, parody, MCCollapse )

...Lol okay that ended up being a lot more notes about MC than I thought it would XD;;;; Should cover for most of it?

I REALLY want to translate DANCE SQUARE or Wink Up or one of the mags but... ><;; I should not. Even though I should have a little more time now, I still haven't updated my exchange blog for like 2 months and still have exams every week etc so... @__@;; Want to translate though... But guess I need to try catching up with things work. Rainy season started so will probably be spending a lot of time indoors anyway so let's see XD;

Also was going to go to papa shop on Monday to buy Kurie and Ebiza photos but if the weather really continues like this... ><;; Don't really want to go out any more than absolutely possible! Tho at least need to go a little tomorrow because they closed the bookstore by my station so now it takes 20min to the closest one (there is one small one here but mags are in plastic so can't skim!) because I want to see how many mags to get and if I want to buy here or just order directly to Finland with slow mail to make it less to ship later in case don't want/need to read them at the moment...
It's freaking 2am and I have early classes and test tomorrow and what am I doing here!! Sleeping? No no, of course not, Kabuki senshuuraku ended few hours ago and of course Tackey had to surprise everyone with A LETTER TO SNOW MAN which got everyone crying so, uh, well, needed to try and translate fast for everyone to read ;___;


Please note that I didn't go to senshuuraku myself (I did go to 10 other Kabuki shows, including Snow Man's name anniversary and Fukka's birthday, which included speeches etc which I might translate at some point, maybe) so I translated this based on reports from different people. Some differences between reports, so I tried patching together things that appeared most often on different places so should be most correct X3; If can get a proper script or recording at some point can fix the things that might be off but, well, for now should be accurate enought...

I translated both the letter from Kyomoto papa to Snow Man (during the Nezumi scene from the very early in the show) and Tackey's letter (during Kabuki makeup scene where Snow Man explain old Kabuki scenes). There were also Snow Man speeches from the end of the show, as well as Tackey's speack etc (Show was about 45~50min longer than normal because of extra things) so I might translate those later too but really shouldn't be even translating this at this hour so... >>;

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05 April 2014 @ 10:50 pm
Okay self, pull yourself together and try to get March photos out of the way before school and Kabuki starts or you'll never survive the next couple months ^^; Pretty sure won't be having time for another update until we're done with Kabuki, Ebiza and Kurie so... >>; Well, not like much anything too interesting has happened. Mostly a ton of sakura photos because of the beautiful season ^^ And today went to Yuma's CD event but that's about it...

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Aaaand that's about it. I think? Probably forgetting things but nothing too special I'm sure XD; Oh right, yesterday the weather got weird and we went from it was supposed to rain but was 20+ and sun to sudden rain and then ICE! Tonight we're supposed to get snow ^^;;;; WHAT IS THIS!!

Oh and few days ago got hooked to this smartphone game called million chains. It's so cute!! Although also has very moe female characters which is why I'm sure Sakuma and Miyata are playing this XDD I got into the game last day they had Shingeki no Kyojin campaign and by some weird luck managed to get Mikasa just before midnight so I have a kick ass team leader now!
05 April 2014 @ 06:53 am
Wonderful thing about having connections etc is that you get to know things only selected few get to know.

The thing that sucks about it is that it's really hard mentally when you just can't say what you know at times ><;

Sorry, probably less than hour of sleep last night ^^; Although maybe it's because it's way too early in the morning I'm feeling kinda okay already. Hope Yuma has some nice guests at his event so I can get some energy X3 Otherwise will just have to wait a few more days before can see Snow Man again ♥

(I was supposed to make a proper update this week but no idea where time went... Let's see if manage before school/Kabuki starts, otherwise no idea when I have time again XP)
13 March 2014 @ 11:10 pm
Lol, I wonder what I was thinking when I thought I'd have more time to get things done in February since no school or much butais to go to XD; Blog updating, JLPT studying, pro gradu planning... nope, nothing XD; Then again I did get pretty sick soon after holiday started (tried losing weight too fast + stress from school disappearing) and once got better started doing a lot of walking etc. We finally got grades last weekend! I had 12 subjects total, one was A, everything else A+!! Yes, I cried reading the results X3; Was soooooo glad! Well, I did work hard especially the last couple months but was worried how things would go especially with the big final exams so was so relieved! Maybe with this I can a) try taking some even more advanced courses spring term b) not have to worry quite so much X3 Syllabus should be released tomorrow so let's see what kind of classes...

Taking it easier..?Collapse )

Btw Kabuki ballot results came out today and... I HIT FOR FUKKA'S BIRTHDAY!!!! Was sure I wouldn't because most of my TL did not, but I did ;___; SO HAPPY!!! Actually all my ballots hit!! Although that was the only one that hit for the first choice. All the others hit for third... But they turned out perfectly!! XD I get to see Kabuki once every week! One week twice. Overall six shows!! XD ...I was sure I wouldn't hit that much and had planned maybe seeing 3~4 times but, well, since I hit... XD Just hoping at least one show would be good seat... I know it's much to ask when just having luck hitting already, but I'd really want to give a present to Fukka ^^;;

PS. Was supposed to go out at least to eat today but, nope, not in this storm XD;; It's been a while since the rain map actually showed warnings in RED XD; Also wind sounded super scary...